Sep 17 Upstep Orthotics At Home Service Is Amazing!

If you are like most of us who need orthotics, you will find that 9 out of 10 times your medical insurance will deny coverage.  My podiatrist and I tried 4 times to request a pair for my "very flat feet," and 4 times I was denied!  They would rather pay thousands of dollars on a foot surgery than a few hundred for orthotics!  GO FIGURE!!!

Good news for all of my fellow foot issued peeps...Upstep is now launching an end-to-end online service-to-the-home to buy custom made orthotics designed for women's specific needs by world-class podiatrists.  Upstep’s custom orthotics are suitable for all types of women’s footwear, including flats, low heels, a variety of boots, orthopedic shoes, sandals, pumps, casual shoes, sneakers, athletic shoes, and safety shoes. The orthotics are designed and manufactured to provide relief from a range of medical conditions and common complaints affecting the foot.

Upstep at home orthotics

Upstep's service enables the customer to order online and receive the footprint kit at home. The customer then follows the simple instructions to make a foot imprint and send it back to the company.  Here are my lovely feet making my own personal orthotics in the comfort of my home!  SO EASY!!!! Upstep uses 3D technology to scan the footprint.



orthotic molding at home

I put off doing my molds because I thought it would be complicated.  However, when I finally took the time to make them, it was so simple that I was mad at myself for not doing it sooner:(  Once I had the molds, I packed it up in the provided envelope and dropped them off to the nearest FEDEX.  I got them back in only a few days!  I used them immediately and can not begin to tell you the difference they have made when I am wearing them.  My feet no longer ache and I can walk and stand on my feet all day pain free!!!


The orthotics are custom designed based on each customer’s individual specifications. The technology also offers a platform that takes various work and or athletic factors into account in order to meet the customer’s needs. The precise pair of orthotics is produced using sophisticated manufacturing techniques and the latest innovative materials. Once completed, they are sent directly the customer’s home.


Prices on the Upstep website range from $189 to $239, 35%-50% less than the $300-$500 cost of orthopedic orthotics purchased at a podiatrist’s clinic.  SO worth it and yes, definitely cheaper if you have to pay out of pocket!  They are not bulky like ones made through the insurance.  I can wear them with all types of shoes.  Visit Upstep now and order a pair.  It's a simple process. They even have agents ready to assist you should you have a question or problem.


Limor Katz - Co-Founder, CFO & Marketing Director, Upstep

(Upstep was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs Limor Katz, Aviad Raz, and Oren Raz, all siblings. The company enables customers anywhere in the U.S. get fitted with top of the line custom orthotics. Upstep's quick delivery service guarantees full customer satisfaction.)
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