Traveling to Dubai? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Metro!

If you have planned a vacation in Dubai then the cheapest and popular method of roaming around in Dubai is Metro, it is cheaper than taxi service. Metro service is available throughout Dubai. No matter where you want to go metro service is available everywhere. Whether you want to go to the beach or you want to go to the hotel you are staying, you can easily take benefit of metro service.

Different facilities available at the Metro Stations

You will find various facilities at metro station. If you are feeling hungry and need to grab a bite then you can hop in any of the coffee shop there. Moreover, you will find many retail outlets there. If you are looking for a kiosk then you don’t have to worry because a lot of kiosks are available there. Moreover, if you still have confusion regarding the routes then you can take services of the tourist information centre.

All the metro stations are fully air-conditioned and they have clean washroom and toilets.

Facilities for disabled passengers

For the disabled passengers, Metro offers passengers’ equipment, moreover you will see the ramps and lifts. If any of your family member uses wheel chair then there are spaces provided by metro in very compartment.

Care for passengers

Metro staff holds the certificate of first-aid training; within station you will find several first aid rooms. In case of any emergency their first-aid facility comes in handy. If there is any serious emergency then Metro staff quickly arranges the ambulance.

Facilities within the train

There are plenty of facilities available within the train; likewise, it’s the leverage for pregnant women to choose whatever seat they like to. It’s a gesture of respect towards pregnant women. Furthermore, the facility of wireless internet is available within the train. You will see so many electronic devices in the metro, it offers you various audio visual devices which tells you the addresses in both English and Arabic

If you are thinking to eat inside metro then it’s a big “No” because eating and drinking inside metro is prohibited so you need to control your taste buds. If you have a habit of smoking quite often then you need to control it because you are not allowed to smoke inside the metro

Are you allowed to take pets with you?

Well, due to the hygiene concerns, you are not allowed to take your pets along with you. So, you need to leave your pets at the place of your stay