Te-see Bender

Te-see grew up in Chappaqua, New York, living the life of AMC’s “Madmen.”  Her father, Jerry Bender, was a very successful commercial film editor on Madison Avenue in Mid-Town Manhattan. He traveled all over the world cutting film and bringing her back fashions from other countries.  Te-see would visit him on set where the likes of Fred Quinn (Also known as Herman Munster) spoke about “Armstrong” flooring and Farrah Fawcett made “Virginia Slims” look sexy.

Te-see spent a lot of her youth roaming the streets of New York City looking at the constant evolution of beauty & fashion. Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, and Janice Dickenson were just a few of the famous models who walked the popular Fifth Avenue. And if your belt didn’t match your outfit you were automatically referred to as a “Don’t” in Glamour Magazine

Once she graduated from college, she moved right into the city where she felt completely at home.  She was a hostess for a Mexican Restaurant and did some promotional modeling for 6 months. After winning a “Great Faces”contest in Mademoiselle Magazine, Te-see signed with Johnny & Fernando Casablanca’s “Petite Elite Agency.”  They nicknamed her ‘lips’ and she was off and running.  Her career has taken her to Japan, Italy, Chicago, and Miami.  Te-see has appeared in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook as well as national television & ad campaigns for Smirnoff, Bombay Gin, Newport & Marlboro Cigarettes, Chloe Perfume, Sally Hansen Nails, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Gallo Wine, Bally’s Health Club just to name a few.  She finally touched down in Los Angeles in 1992, where she still resides with her family.

Te-see has been christened your ‘go-to girl’ for all that is new, hot, and must-have. Her tips, tricks, reviews, and beauty & fashion on every budget have won over those in the media, as well as the millions of readers who stop by everyday for a BeautyStyleWatch fix. Dedicated to helping women feel & look pretty, she  finds herself in the midst of celebrity events, Hollywood Red Carpets, and carrying with the latest treatments, loaded with reviews telling which work and which don’t.  Her effervescent personality comes alive on the page, and instantly you feel like you’re swapping beauty and style secrets with your best friend (in cyberspace.)

Interested in hiring Te-see for product reviews on BSW, Instagram @teseesays, FB or twitter or for personal appearances, consults, professional tips and engagements, please contact her personal manager Jill Stein at:  jills94826@gmail.com.