Feb 11 Splat Temporary Hair Dye


Feel like switching up your hair color but chicken to make that dramatic change?  No worries!  Now you can try a vibrant color without making a real commitment with SPLAT!

The New Splat Hair Color products are water based solution immediately washes out and is an easy way to add some color to your hair without any long term commitment.

SPLAT 1 Wash ($6.99 at Walmart or SplatHairColor.com, Available February 2018): A water based formula that delivers brilliant, vibrant colors via a proprietary comb in applicator.  Perfect for that one night, party, or costume.

  • Vibrant color stays where you put it.  No over spray like an aerosol, no dusting as with a hair chalk

  • Combs right in, washes right out when you are done.

  • Complete kit includes – 3.0 oz water-based hairdye, applicator comb, gloves & instructions

  • Formulas are cruelty-free, vegan, non-gmo, & gluten free.

  • Products are made in the USA

  • Available in Six fun colors:

o   Piercing Pink

o   Red Pop

o   Bolder Blue

o   Vivid Velvet

o   Mango Mash

o   Eclectic Green
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