Wake Up Brighter

I just tried Brazilian Skin’s Acai Triple Stem Cell Complex Sleep Mask.  I started with a clean face (seen above), followed by applying a thin layer of the sleep mask over my entire face avoiding my eye area.

It went on smoothly and made my skin look very hydrated and moist even once it dried.  Brazilian Skin gives you the option of leaving it on for 20 minutes or leaving it on over night. Guess what this skincare queen decided to do…

I opted for the later, of course, which they recommend for a better result.  My face did not feel sticky once it dried and I forgot it was a “sleep mask.”  This made it very easy to sleep through the night:)

I woke up and used a gentle face pad to rinse it off then gently pat my face dry.

Once my face was dry I proceeded to apply my regular daytime skincare and makeup.  My skin looked much more radiant and brighter! See below…

(shot outside in natural lighting)

  • Transparent, Odorless & Non-Greasy Overnight Film
  • Outstanding Breathability, Water Resistant And Rub Resistant
  • Anti-Oxidant + Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Complete Absorption Into The Skin

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