Spice Up Your Holiday With Love, Sylvie

Hey my beauties! I had the pleasure of reviewing these amazingly scented perfumes from Love, Sylvie! They arrived in a small sturdy box and perfectly displayed inside.  I carefully removed each one and inspected the bottles.  They are designed for travel and meet TSA rules.  But, hey…forget all that…Let’s talk about these scents!  YUMMMM!!!

Each one is delicate and light and Love, Sylive suggests layering them to create your own individual scent.  What I also like about this line is that each scent smell different on each individual due to our personal chemical make up!  So cool, don’t ya think:)

Check out below some key points about Love, Sylvie, which makes it a “stand out” company:

*First brand to craft seasonal-only perfume and to offer 12 unique scents a year (others only craft 1-2 scents per year)  Ever smell a perfume from high school and a sea of memories flood over you? Their memories are actually inked to scents in our brain. With Love, Sylvie, you can scrapbook your memories using your sense of smell, by pairing a unique scent to memorable occasions.


Love, Sylvie perfume:
  • Eau de parfum (high concentration of perfume)
  • Free of toxic chemicals (parabens, phthalates, added dyes)
  • Made with organic sugar cane alcohol
  • High amount of natural ingredients
  • Women-owned manufacturing in the US (manufactured in LA, actually!)
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Always travel friendly
How it Works / Price:
  • 3 luxury scents per seasonal collection
  • Ships 4 times per year (total of 12 new scents / year)
  • $50/one-time collection, or $40/seasonal collection with subscription
  • Each collection lasts 3-4 months of heavy use (3-4 sprays/day)

For more info and to purchase these delicious scents now visit: Love, Sylvie

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