Spa Le La: Sit Back, Relax, DO NOTHING!

Spa Le La review

Last week I was treated to a Day Spa Retreat that changed my world forever!  Located in the heart of Tujunga Village, (Studio City, Ca), along  with trending cafes and boutiques, Spa Le La makes its debut!  I was greeted by the lovely Spa Director, Aimee, and Childcare/assistant, Chelsea.  We instantly struck up a conversation and I was shown around the spa while waiting for my scheduled treatment.

spa le la in studio city

The waiting area includes a few tables/chairs, in the front to sit and watch the passer-bys, a few lush chairs towards the back to relax before or after your treatment, and Trina’s skincare line displayed beautifully against the wall.  Also located in the Spa is a big room for child care.  A HUGE PLUS for mom’s who never get out because babysitting is an issue.  Well, not here at Spa Le La!  The wonderful Chelsea, is waiting for you mom, and your children!  She at bat, ready to entertain them while you are SPOILING YOURSELF!



spa le la childcare

Founder of Spa Le La, Trina Belton, perfected the art of beautiful skin at her renowned Facial Bungalow.  Featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, and Refinery29, women all over Los Angeles have flocked to her to keep them looking and feeling fantastic.  As an esthetician, the power of relaxation was unmistakable–as soon as her client’s heads touched the pillow, she watched their stress melt away.  Now with a whole body focus, she’s put her heart and soul into giving busy urban parents what they have been asking for–the freedom to take a minute for themselves.


This visit I had the pleasure of meeting massage therapist JoJo.  She has magical hands!  After JoJo asked if I had any specific areas that needed tending to, we agreed upper body and feet!  She started with my head and face! OMG!  I started drifting into a deep relaxing state but needed to stay on task for my review…Forcing myself to wake, we began to talk about her personal journey and what led her to Spa Le La.  Like myself, JoJo has lymphedema and became a “Lymphedema therapist” to help other sufferers like herself!  That totally woke me up and I am looking forward to my next 90 minute “Lymphedema massage!”  Whether you suffer from physical pain or not, this gal can give one heck of a massage!  The client before me was floating out the door after her treatment with JoJo…”just saying…”

Come spend the afternoon getting pampered or retreat to one of Spa Le La’s private rooms for a bath and a nap.  I did right after my massage!!!  It was the most relaxing bath I have ever taken!  I did not want to get out boys and girls!  It was “ALL ABOUT ME!”  My hot bath soak included: essential oils, bubbles and epsom salt.   A 5 star bath!


I HIGHLY recommend Spa Le La and encourage you to book a treatment today!  Tell them Te-see from BSW sent you!  They offer gift certificates for any treatments including baths!  Prices are very reasonable too!



*Offering complimentary on-site child care, spa services, organic nibbles, and luxuIrious beds (uninterrupted nap, anyone?), our goal is simple: to make a parent’s self care a guilt-free and gloriously relaxing affair.  Whether you’ve got little ones or not, all are welcome at Spa Lé La!

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