Skin Boosting Antioxidant

Vitamin C is the OG antioxidant that most of us know about…But, there is some competition now that I think you should all know about!

Say hello to Astaxanthin (pronounced: Ast-ah-Zan-thin)

This powerful, skin-boosting antioxidant is creating buzz the beauty world with the promise of a more youthful, glowing complexion.

SuperPure® Astaxanthin contains a slew of skin health benefits…

•   Promotes healthy skin tone, texture, elasticity & moisture levels

•   Enhances healthy eye & vision function

•   Supports optimal athletic performance & exercise recovery

•   Nutritionally supports healthy aging, cardiovascular function, mental clarity & brain health

Most astaxanthin products on the market are synthetically derived from petrochemicals and contain animal-derived ingredients. In contrast, SuperPure® Astaxanthin comes from certified organic red freshwater algae. It’s completely vegan and pure from the source.

Pure Synergy makes it easy to add this hard-to-pronounce, natural-beauty-ingredient into your beauty routine.


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