Secret To Applying Magnetic Eyelashes

I am LOVING my magnetic eyelashes from Silly George!  I read several reviews and was on the fence about getting a pair…However, I decided to check them out for myself to see if they actually worked and the big ???, how well they stayed on.

Unfortunately, I am extremely allergic to eyelash glue.  Especially the glue used for lash extensions.  My eyes become bright red and my lids swell.  It is not pretty…

But then there was hope!   The secret to applying magnetic lashes is to first apply a coat of mascara to your own lashes and second, to trim the lashes.  They are rather long which makes it very awkward to apply.

Check out my video on youtube to see my steps!

The price is reasonable and you can use these magnetic eyelashes over and over again.  *Do not put any mascara on the magnetic lashes themselves.  *They come with instructions but no tips on cleaning the lashes.  I recommend gently wiping them with a kleenex.  *I would not apply any kind of cleanser because it might keep the magnets from working properly.

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