Reverse Signs of Summer Sun Damage

Even if you’re not a beach bum, the harsh sun exposure of summer may have left your skin more damaged than you realized! New freckles, darker age spots, and uneven skin tone are all signs that your skin needs some post-summer rehab! Fortunately, there are easy steps you can take to get your skin glowing for fall, and reverse the damage that has been done.


Boost Dull, Uneven Skin

md conmplete

After three months of sun exposure, your skin might need a boost. The MD Complete 3-Day Booster Pack is all you need to brighten and even skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth rough texture, and brighten complexion, as well as boost long-term skincare results. ($19.99, *I used the 3 Day Pack this weekend and I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It looks more even and younger! I loved the separate packets for each step.  Also, there is enough product in each packet step to use twice.  Love that!

Blur Fine Lines


The small fine lines that creep up over time are caused by a combination of both aging and sun damage. If you’re not ready for fillers, FullFill mimics the results of a traditional hyaluronic acid filler, by delivering injectable-sized HA to deep layers of the skin.


To Reverse YEARS of Sun Damage

Remember that tan you maintained throughout the 00’s? Your skin probably does! Years of sun damage can result in crepe-y looking skin, which is difficult to treat with creams and regular lasers.

ultratherapy results

Ultherapy firms and lifts skin non-invasively using ultrasound. The ultrasound jump starts collagen production, resulting in tighter firmer skin. Ultherapy is a top treatment among dermatologists, specifically for those who have slacked on their sunblock application.

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