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Sexy and sweat-free are feelings women deserve to enjoy even if they’re menopausal or postpartum. Cute clothes and sweat stains don’t mix very well and they won’t mix at all if you’re wearing a Nudy Patooty. This undergarment provides a base below your clothes to keep perspiration and deodorant stains from getting on your outfit. But that’s not even the best part! Since it’s made of organic bamboo, Nudy Patooty can help regulate body temperature and keep you cool.

Imagine menopause without night sweats waking you up. Imagine being able to dress your best even with a newborn. Nudy Patooty has you covered, literally.

Nudy Patooty should be viewed as an investment in your closet. You won’t have to frequent the dry cleaners, spending all kinds of money trying to clean stains from your outfits or hours hand washing and ironing your clothes at home. Your clothes will be protected while Nudy Patooty keeps you feeling dry. And when you need to, simply toss your Nudy Patooty in the wash.


Nudy Patooty features:

  • Luxurious and soft texture
  • Innovative design shields your clothes from deodorant and sweat stains
  • Sweat-Secret fabric technology keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Certified organic bamboo regulates body temperature
  • Gently smooths your figure
  • Offers a range of feminine styles for any body type
  • Invisible under lightweight fabrics and fitted garments/styles/fashions
  • Extends the life of your beloved garments
  • Made in Canada

Styles and prices range from $46 to $56. For more information check out:

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