No Fuss Thermal Hair Care

Summer can really wreak havoc on our hair from heat, sweat, chlorine and salt water which can cause dry, damaged hair. This Fall restore your gorgeous locks and get salon quality hair treatments in the comfort of your home with Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care, the original flaxseed-filled, microwavable, deep conditioning heat cap with superior heat distribution.

Hot Head works on all hair types and textures, even chemically processed hair. Reversible and reusable, Hot Head dramatically improves the results of your favorite deep conditioner, hair mask or oil. Simply apply your hair treatment of choice to clean, towel dried hair. Microwave Hot Head for about two minutes, place it on your hair over a shower cap, wear for 20-45 minutes, rinse and style as usual.

It was so easy to use and my hair was super soft and easy to style when I was done:). I loved that I didn’t have to plug in anything!!!  Positive notes: No cords, no fuss – just healthy hydrated hair! Comes in several fun prints such as leopard, flowers, polka dots and more at:

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