National Fragrance Day with Mimzi

This is Women’s History Month and National Fragrance Day is March 21.  So, I thought I would tell you about a new fragrance for women.

To honor her mother, Dr. Marguerite Germain has created this exquisite fragrance epitomizing unique independence, passion, and kindness. Letting nothing hold her back and rising to the top as a distinguished woman of the 20th century, “Mimzi” eau de parfum exudes classic elegance.  The fragrance combines the lively spirit of a diva with natural beauty that is ageless.

Top Notes: Citrus-floral, soft lemon, sweet orange, currant, watery, airy, fresh

Middle or Heart Notes:   tuberose, jasmine, grassy, light bitter orange

Base Notes:  sandalwood, light cedar, jasmine

*I just received this fragrance and love it’s sweet light scent!  Wear it day or night…



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