Monday Lover verses Monday Hater


Are you one of the many people out there who struggles with Mondays?  Do you start to feel melancholy at the stroke of 6:00 PM on Sunday evening and want to hide under the covers?  Well, you should know that you are not alone and there are ways to shake it!

Here are a few “Te-see Says” tips to help you to stop dreading Monday!

1) Journal your feelings including any negative feelings you may have towards Monday…i.e., working, kids, husband, exercising, weekly meal plans, etc.  Start digging into why these things bother you.  The following Sunday evening, try finding ways to change how you look at these tasks.  Is it something that can be changed?  If so, how? Talk to a friend or a family member to get a new perspective on things.

2) Make yourself a “story board” using photos found from magazines or online.  Create the world and positive environment you want to live in. Place it some where that you can look at it every day and meditate on it.  See it happening.

3) Put together a “feel good” music selection that instantly makes you feel invincible and happy. Listen to it the second you start to feel dread towards the new week.

4) Don’t expect to change over night.  Turning ones mind set around takes time.  Try not to get discouraged.

5) Being more positive will also effect your health and overall appearance!

Now go out there and grab Mondays by the balls!!!


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