Lasers for Skin Tightening: What You Should Know

The skincare industry is full of products and suggestions to help you stave off signs of aging, like wrinkles and sagging skin. For example, there are creams and lotions for at-home use that will supposedly help you keep wrinkles at bay. But what happens when techniques for preventing sagging skin fail? Do you need surgery? Maybe not, thanks to laser treatment!!!  My absolute FAVORITE Non-Surgical Procedure:)!

Laser Treatment is a Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Option
Although surgery is an effective and nearly instant method for skin tightening, it has many drawbacks. It is expensive. You must also deal with risks from anesthesia and the surgery itself. Recovery time may disrupt your schedule as well. Additionally, surgical intervention is simply not necessary if your skin only requires mild tightening. It is only a good option when you have severely sagging skin, such as after significant and sudden weight loss or childbirth.

Laser treatment is a much more non-invasive and practical way to tighten mildly or moderately sagging skin. In fact, Cosmetic Laser Devices are used to perform many of the most popular outpatient procedures performed in skincare clinics today. Unlike surgery, which involves admission to the hospital, laser treatment can be performed in an hour, in most cases. It also has few potential side effects.

What the Side Effects of Laser Skin Tightening Are
Of course, every medical procedure does have some potential side effects, and laser treatment is no exception. However, you may not experience any, or they may be mild. The most common of them is temporary redness of the skin in the treated area. It may also be extra sensitive to sunlight after treatment, so you need to take precautions to prevent sunburns. *Your doctor will tell you to stay out of the sun for a few weeks, to wear sunscreen every day and a floppy sun hat. Temporary swelling is also a possibility. Other side effects, such as burns, are extremely rare, but you should still discuss them with your clinician.

The Laser Skin Tightening Process at a Glance
You may have no doubt lasers tighten skin, especially if you know someone who has had the procedure done. What you may not understand is how they do so. The purpose of laser treatment is twofold. First, it heats the treatment area. The heat causes collagen molecules that help the skin cells bind together to move towards each other. Second, your body must heal the minor damage done during treatment, which generally triggers it to produce more of that collagen. Therefore, when your skin heals after laser treatment, it is also better fortified to resist additional damage.

Results of Laser Skin Tightening Procedures
The results of laser skin tightening may not be readily apparent. In fact, you may need several treatment sessions before your skin tightens up. However, the exact amount of sessions needed will depend on the condition of your skin and severity of the problem to be corrected. After your skin is tightened with lasers successfully, the results may be maintained for several years. That is because the extra collagen created fortifies your skin cells. However, eventually you may desire further treatments.

Costs of Laser Skin Tightening Procedures
The costs of laser skin tightening depend on multiple factors. For example, if you make one appointment the cost will be relatively low, but remember you may require multiple appointments for good results. The size and area of the skin being treated and the reputation of the clinic may also impact how much you pay. Therefore, comparing costs at several clinics before making a laser skin tightening appointment is advisable.

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