Keep Your Liner On!


DON’T sweat it girls!!! I am here to tell you all about Cherry Blooms 24HR Waterproof Liquid Vinyl Eyeliner!  Their amazing formula contains polyvinyl which doesn’t absorb into the skin’s surface, making it long wearing and waterproof.  The delicately fine, boldly black and extremely waterproof formula has been hailed as the only eyeliner that’ll stay on all day and look newly applied even after a busy day. *(above image: me wearing the formula without one smudge!)

vinyl lines by cherry blooms

Cherry Blooms 24HR Waterproof Liquid Vinyl Eyeliner has a very fine felt tip brush that makes it super easy to draw a fine line for a natural look or for a winged eye liner.  You can also create a bolder line for a more dramatic look without VinylLiner caking up, smudging or coming off!  AMAZING!

For more info or to purchase: VINYLLiner


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