HYLEYS Tea For Red Carpet Ready This Holiday Season!



Look Red Carpet Ready with a good night’s sleep that includes Hyleys Tea!  You will need it during the Holiday Season!


 Hyleys Slim Teas which are 100% natural Green teas made with Senna leaves, and fruit flavoring that promote body cleansing, detoxification, and a healthy digestive system, all in a delicious cup of hot tea! Mild and pleasant in both taste and texture, the weight-loss-enhancing properties of the Slim Teas offer consumers a safe, pound-shedding alternative to risky pills and surgery. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Hyleys Slim Teas are available in flavorful options like Acai Berry, Blueberry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate and Raspberry as well as a Five-Flavor Assortment.
MSRP $5.99 for 1-pack of 25 foil envelope tea bags.


Also new to their collection are Hyleys Sleep Teas, designed to naturally help individuals fall asleep easier. Hyleys caffeine-free herbal formulation acts fast but gently, encouraging healthy sleep patterns while promoting a refreshed awakening. Packed with all natural ingredients such as chamomile flowers, Valerian root, rosemary leaves, lavender blossoms, peppermint leaves, and lemon balm leaves, Sleep Teas come in both soothing Mint and Chamomile variations to promote a natural and healthy sleep cycle. 
MSRP $5.99 for 1-pack of 25 foil envelope tea bags.

See www.hyleysteaonline.com for their entire collection of 1

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