How To Stay Healthy This Winter

This winter protect yourself from those nasty germs flying around you.  They are everywhere…People sneezing, coughing, hacking a lung and not bothering to cover their mouths!  What goes on with these people?!  Didn’t they learn as a child to cover up the hole in which germs are on the verge of purging themselves?!

Hee, hee, hee…But do you agree?  And if you are a gym princess like me, then the germs lurk everywhere.  So, you need to be prepared.

Recently I received a “thank you” gift from a client which included an organic hand sanitizer.  Not only does it smell lovely, if sprayed on my hands, it protects me from these disgusting germs:)!

Now I never leave home without my Organic to Green Clean Organic Hand Sanitizer.  The scent is lavender lemon which awakens my soul!  Love, Love, Love this!  I traveled to New York, Chicago, Kentucky, Phoenix then back to LA and it kept me healthy on all those stuffy flights!  Te-see highly recommends getting a few bottles…Guard yourself my beauties xoxox


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