How To Stay Healthy During COVD-19

Los Angeles on lockdown

You have 2 choices during a crisis…Stay Calm or allow yourself to freak out!  The first one is my choice.  I refuse to give in to the antics of the mass majority who have chosen to hoard food, toilet paper, paper towels, water, diapers and so much more!  Humanity, common sense, common courtesy, and common decency has gone right out the door…and let’s not mention the guns and ammo…REALLY???

BREATHE in and now BREATHE OUT!  Now is a chance for all of us to take the time to reflect on life and how precious it is. After losing my dad over the summer I had to come to grips with what was important to me and that my beauties is my family and friends.  I embraced all of the positive aspects of my life and decided that going forward I would make sure to spend quality time with these people and to let them know often how much they impact my life…

Get back to nature…Stop watching the news and how the virus updates.  We CAN NOT do anything to change it at this point in time but we can be smart by COVERING OUR MOUTHS WITH A KLEENEX, ELBOW, HANDS, anything that will keep our germs from flying across the room!  Then immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer (if you can find it!) to kill the germs.  Experts are telling us to use good hygiene, which should be practiced every day any way! If you touch your mail or a package that comes to your door, wash your hands ASAP!!!!

It’s also a good time to go for a long walk around your surrounding neighborhood or google hiking trails in your area.  I have a long list that I found on google and added them to “my places” in my google maps! YAY ME!

Yesterday was my first venture to “Dixie Canyon Trail” in Sherman Oaks.  It was a beautiful day, with blue skies and a few scattered white clouds.  My nephew and I walked for 90 minutes in the fresh air and saw views of LA that were breath taking.  Flowers were in bloom and the hills were never so green due to all of the rain we have encountered this year.  Just GORGEOUS!

covd 19 virus

I felt better instantly, and no longer trapped! Yes, it sucks that we are where we are, but at least we are breathing!!! Let’s help each other get through this.  Don’t be selfish and help your neighbors especially the elderly ones.  xoxo



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