High Falls Hemp For A Better You

There are many different ways to use CBD. So, High Falls Hemp New York, created a starter collection that includes three of their favorite CBD products for you to try. Inside the CBD Starter Collection you will find 600mg of CBD in the forms of a 0.5oz tincture (375mg CBD), .05oz isolate lotion (125mg CBD), and four full-spectrum CBD softgels with 25mg of CBD each (100mg CBD).

*In every drop lies the power to ease anxiety, alleviate sleeplessness, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation…naturally.

This product comes from Hudson Valley, New York. This is the ideal place for cultivating the highest quality hemp. High Falls Hemp’s life-enhancing CBD fuels your spirit, your strength…and it feeds your soul. This seed to soul philosophy is the heart of their mission to craft the purest CBD-infused supplements, tinctures and topical care products that promote your health and wellness.

You get the chance to find out which CBD option works best for you on your wellness journey! It is also the perfect travel size!

So, please check it out today! It really helped me get through my surgery last month by easing my anxiety and keeping my skin glowing! (see above photo, 1 week post leg surgery)



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