A Great Holiday Gift For This Season

Still looking to get the perfect gift for the holidays?  Then here is one not to be missed. Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!!!

The SWIGSAFE Party Tumbler allows you a greater sense of control and safety when attending parties, or any event day or night at which you’re drinking alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages. The cool design, easy-to-read measurements and icons, and the secure lid make it a trustworthy choice when going out, and it is safer than open containers.

The founder Olivia Pivirotto, who was a student at the University of Richmond ’19, created SWIGSAFE™ after seeing that a lot of people were binge drinking because they were not cognizant of how much they were drinking and realizing that getting “roofied” happens more than people think.


–          Spill-proof and shatter-resistant

–          Stain-resistant

–          Made from Eastman

–          Tritan plastic

–          BPA Free

–          BPS Free

–          Estrogenic-Activity Free

–          Androgenic-Activity Free

*Retails for $38

Also, this is fabulous for outdoor concerts where you can’t bring in glass bottles.  I am taking mine to the Hollywood Bowl in 2020!!!  Not to mention my trips to the poolside all year long in Palm Springs:)

Buy now at swigsafe.com

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