Get Your Sexy Kix’ies Thigh Highs

Are nylons still in style? YES! Now more then ever girls and boys! Look at all the celebrities from Taylor Swift to Heidi Klum to British Royalty, all wearing hosiery, but the styles have definitely changed over the years. We’re no longer wearing pantyhose like Grandma use to wear! Forget a band squeezing around your waist, now nylons are all about being comfortable and fashionable.  Thank goodness!!!

Kix’ies is reinventing nylons by creating a thigh high revolution! Kix’ies thigh highs have a guaranteed no-slip grip so they stay in place all day without an uncomfortable waistband.

Kix’ies are made for women of all shapes and sizes from petite to plus size. Kixies offers four sizes and the measurements are based on your height, weight and thigh circumference. Kix’ies strong yet gentle silicone-grip band keeps them in place around your thighs while giving your legs a smooth, sexy look.

Kix’ies come in 22 gorgeous styles including sheer, opaque, fishnet, argyle and other fun and flirty patterns. Check out these red fishnets…Can be worn casually or to something a bit more upscale…No matter a woman’s size, shape or age, every woman deserves to feel comfortable. So kick those bulky, unflattering tights to the curb and experience fashion, fun and freedom with Kix’ies. Sold in retailers nationwide, online at and Amazon.

You will be so happy that you are now wearing kix’ies:). You can wear a different style every day!

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