How to Dress Your Best for a First Date

Let’s face it, first dates are extremely nerve-wracking and we want to look good. One of the best ways to feel more confident in ourselves is to feel good in what we are wearing. Finding clothing that you are not only comfortable in, but that fits you well and suits you will ensure that you make that first date memorable. What you wear also depends on the kind of date you are having, so make sure you dress appropriately.


Experts say the first thing people notice about you is your shoes, so you best make a good choice. Whilst heels or boots seem like the best option, not all ladies can wear heels, or your date location may not allow it. Going for coffee midafternoon in a pair of heels may not be the best option. If this is the case, why not go with a chic pair of sneakers? SSENSE offer a fantastic range of Gucci sneakers will wow any date. Sneakers don’t need to be avoided on a date; with these Gucci sneakers, you will look trendy and like you’ve made an effort, all whilst being comfortable. If you’re not happy in heels, these sneakers are the perfect choice to start your outfit right.


When looking for clothes, this all depends on the types of styles you like to wear. As stated above, comfort is key! You don’t want to be wearing tight jeans if you’re going for a meal unless you might feel bloated and uncomfortable all night. What do you like best about yourself? If it is your legs, flaunt them with a skirt and top combo, if you like your arms, perhaps wearing a strapless maxi dress would make you look your best. It’s always a good idea to not show too much skin, so if you’re showing off your legs balance this out with low heels and long sleeves. For casual dates, flared pants teamed with a top is a trendy statement and allows you to be relaxed whilst still looking like you made a lot of effort.


Your accessories can bring an outfit together and provide the finishing touches. For a casual day-time setting such as getting a coffee in your local café, a watch and some statement sunglasses can be enough to complete your outfit and provide added effort. If you are going on a more formal dinner date, a statement piece of jewelry can add to your style without overdressing. A clutch bag is a perfect accessory to look elegant on a dinner date.

Don’t Forget!

Wear what makes you feel best! Ensure that whatever you wear fits you well and suits your skin tone and body type. This can make a world of difference when purchasing a new outfit for your date! Style accordingly and check online to see how others have styled your clothes or accessories.

*Following these tips can help you to be both stylish and confident on your first date.

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