Doppleganger Time


They say we all have a twin out there…Have you ever met someone and they tell you that you remind them of someone they know?!  I have, many times…Personally, I don’t think anyone is like me but I do believe there are a few peeps who could be mistaken for me at a quick glance…

Above are a few photos of me and Angelina Jolie.  We do have a very similar look…not to mention our big lips…OY!  There have been a few celebs that people have insisted either I look like or that I am IN FACT them!  Ha!  I was followed around New York City years ago after “Flash Dance” was released.  My hair was shorter and I wore it naturally curly…Yes, Jennifer Beals was very popular back in the 80’s and I got a little annoyed after a while…Just sayin

It’s fun to have a celebrity look alike but I am not sure I would want to be constantly bothered.  I get bothered enough just being me!  LOL

Who’s your doppleganger? Email me: tesee@beautystylewatch with photos and if I think you are a match I post it here on my site!

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