Jul 16 Organizing Your Closet for Maximum Clothes Storage Space

Whether you live in a small 600 square foot in New York City or an ample 1300 square foot apartment in Los Angeles, sufficient closet space is something that almost all women yearn for. With cities growing bigger and more people moving into its neighborhoods, closet spaces are becoming smaller and smaller to accommodate the surplus of new transplants.


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If you’re lucky enough to have decent closet space, you also may understand that keeping your clothes organized in your closet could be hard work. Most times, clothes and shoes tend to pile up, which could take up a lot more space than it needs to.

The operating word here is consolidation. If you want to make the most out of your closet, you absolutely need to learn to consolidate your space. Here are a few tips you can use to organize your closet and make it look clean and kept:

Sort by Length

To begin, you need to start organizing your clothes by length. That means all shirts need their own space in the closet, as well do pants, dresses and shorts. Most closets have adjustable closet rods, if they don’t, they can be purchased at bargain price at your local department store.

By adjusting these rods and organizing your clothes by length (i.e. short clothes on the upper rod, longer clothed on the lower bar, etc.) you’ll be able to trim down all the wasted space in your closet. Make sure you have quality hangers to keep your clothes from sliding off and bulking up your closet floor.

Get a Hamper(s)

Most people have hampers, but if you don’t, owning one is highly recommended. Hampers are storage boxes, usually made of wicker or cloth, that allows for mass storage of dirty clothes. There’s nothing more closet-space-consuming than dirty clothes on the floor. By using hampers to store all your dirty clothes, you’ll be able to consolidate closet floor space and make laundry day a lot more manageable.

Learn When to Fold

Not all your clothes needs to be hanging off a closet rod. Folding (if your garments can take creasing) is also a great way to consolidate your closet space. A lot of closets already come with shelves, so make the most out of them!

Fashionistas everywhere have been influenced by boutique shop layouts, which feature folded clothes on shelves and open spaces, and have thus implemented this area-saving design into their closet’s organization. If you do plan on folding your clothes on bare, closet shelves, make sure to keep stacks below 1 foot in length so they don’t topple over.

Take Control of the Shoe Situation

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Besides diamonds, shoes are a woman’s next best friend! In the U.S., the average woman owns about 40 pairs of shoes, which makes shoe organization vital to the space consolidation of a closet. For shoes, there are many storage possibilities. The two most popular are shelving and cubbying. If your closet has a vast area of bare shelves (or if folded clothes didn’t take up too much room), why not use them to organize your shoes?

Cubbies are also a great alternative for closets that have run out or have no more shelf space. Cubbies are small boxes, almost compartments, that fit two or three pairs of shoes in its interiors, making it a huge space saver!

Of course, you can’t organize your closet without having it look good! A lot of people tend to color or size coordinate their shoes and clothes, making it a lot more visually appealing for closet owners and their guests.

Organization is absolutely essential to keep your closet space free of bulk. By following these tips, you’ll be able to consolidate as much closet space as possible, making it easier store and coordinate all your outfits for the week.

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