Oct 17 NOVAFAB Razors

These amazing mini razors can be used by men and women!  Love them for shaping my eye brows and the fuzzy hair that tends to appear every now and then on my face!  LOL!  But hey, why not:) Not nicking and no stray hairs after I use them.

The inspiration for the NovaFab products came after many years of struggling to find the right tools to refine and trim a beard or mustache. To reach all the different angles of a man’s face can be very difficult; regular sized razors are too big and hard to manage in smaller areas, electric trimmers can pull and twist hair causing irritation and pain, and it’s hard to work with scissors and combs. The Solo Trim razor eliminates the struggle. Its compact, lightweight, and sharp design allow for ease in reaching any nook or cranny in need of shaping, trimming, or eliminating unwanted hair.

The NovaFab Razor Comb is perfect for the other areas of a man and/or woman’s face and that need trimming such as around ears or eyebrows. The Razor Comb allows for a smooth, uniform cut with minimal effort. It thins out bushy or thick eyebrows without leaving bald spots or unevenness.

To avoid redness, rash,ingrown hair try the following when using NovaFab razors:

  • Prep your skin and hair beforehand by placing a warm/hot cloth over the face. This will soften the facial hair making it easier to cut.

  • Consider using a shaving oil on the skin prior to shaving. The oil will make the blade glide over sensitive skin much smoother.

  • Using an exfoliate or facial scrub will help remove any excess dead skin cells and allow new softer skin to surface quicker. Recommended 2x a week.

  • Don’t neglect your eyebrows or ear hair. Cleaning up the middle brow area and stray ear hairs make for a much cleaner and groomed look. The Solo Trim is the perfect tool for these areas.

  • When using the Razor Comb to thin and groom your eyebrows, be sure your eyebrows are wet and you rinse the razor frequently. Start with light pressure, and comb the eyebrows with upward strokes.

  • If you find yourself going over an area several times, it's probably time for a new razor. With average use, razors should last about 2 weeks.

Visit NovaFab for more info and where to purchase.
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