Top Medical Professionals Needed in Dubai

There is a drastic change in the demand of medical professionals in Dubai. Healthcare is an intrinsic part of our today’s lifestyle. Demand of the healthcare people has significantly increased in Dubai. People are depending more on medicine due to which, in Dubai there are massive number of vacancies for medical jobs.

Healthcare professionals get hired on a good pay scale in Dubai. Due to the increase in need of health care professionals, Dubai’s health ministry has taken an amazing initiative; many famous healthcare centers have expanded their roots in Dubai and offer the best treatment.

On an average the minimum working hours is 35-40 hours in a week. Healthcare professionals work in rotation to provide health care services to everyone. Though they are paid really well but it also depends on the job profile and the organization you are working in.

All of us just see the shallow part of everything. We think that only doctors and nurses are required to serve in the health sector. Well, there are so many people involved in the health care. The top most needed medical professionals in Dubai are

Surgeons & Physicians

There is a quite good demand of surgeons &physicians in Dubai. They are paid really well in Dubai. Work of physician is to take the medical history of the patients, diagnose the problem and treat them with proper medications. Responsibility of a surgeon includes treating patients but they are more forced on operating the body parts and repair them, such as broken bones, treating tumors etc.


Dentists are really needed in Dubai. Off-course everybody know that dentist treat your bleeding gums and teeth. They provide you with the best advice to maintain a good oral health. But getting a license to practice it in Dubai isn’t easy. You need to pass several exams before they allow you to practice it there.


Pharmacists are responsible for monitoring the drug effect on the patient. Clinical pharmacists prescribe medications and then monitor the effects of that prescription. They make sure that the medicine doesn’t cause any adverse reaction but if it does, then they go for the alternative methods to cure the ailment.


There is a good demand of nurses in Dubai. Typical nurse anesthetists is responsible for provide anesthesia, moreover they are responsible for the patient’s medical care after surgery. They do help during the surgery as well.

Nurse midwives help people with the family planning. They provide proper guidance related to the family planning.