FAQs about your skin

Some people don’t take care of their skin because they think it is time consuming and it needs some help with the experts from the saloons and parlors. Whereas, the internet is filled with skin care home remedies and basic skin care tips. Though, it is suggested that you consult a dermatologist once before trying out any skin care tips and home remedies.

There are some people who have a very tough yet healthy skin and they seldom need any kind of skin care routine but even such people use skin facial once or twice a month to keep their skin that way. For those who are about to experience any kind of skin care procedure, we know that you may have a lot of questions in mind and below are commonly asked questions answered about skin.

Q: Is eye lash extension in Dubai safe?

Ans: if you opt for the expensive and branded one, it will be safe. Be sure to read the reviews and blogs about the lash extension you opt for.

Q: Is Dermaplaning treatment in Dubai safe?

Ans: as far we know, there are no complains about any bad side effects of using this treatment.

Q: What causes acne?

Ans: acne is the skin issue that everyone has to go through. Acne is the sign of hitting the puberty as well but if it comes after puberty then it means that your skin is exposed to a lot of dirt and dust and your skin is oily.

Q: How to get rid of acne?

Ans: there are different ways to get rid of acne. The best way is to lessen the intake of oily foods and if you have oily skin then ask a dermatologist or a skincare expert for a facewash or cleanser for your skin type. You can also use anti-acne creams and get a facial as well.

Q: Is the sun good for your skin?

Ans: it is healthy for the sunlight to soak in your skin but to some extend or you will end up getting a sunburn which is very much painful.

Q: How to avoid wrinkles?

Ans: wrinkles will come even if you get a skin tightening procedure or use any other cream. But you can slow them with anti-aging creams.