Feb 11 Hard Candy Body Mist For V-Day















Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mist for Women, 8.0 fl oz:

This Valentine's Day give the gift of scent!  What girl wouldn't want to smell good all day long.  Especially after a good work out or being out all day:)

Tease your senses with the Fragrance Body Mist. It offers a lovely blend of floral aromas. Fresh and crisp with an intoxicating hint of sweetness, this flirty fragrance is sure to draw attention.

The body mist for women fits easily in your locker or gym bag for a quick spritz when you need it. It makes a simple but thoughtful gift for a loved one. This Hard Candy Mist comes in a hot pink pump-action spray bottle that makes it easy to apply. They say that scent is the most memorable of all the senses, so make your memory a true representation of your unique person.

I love the way it smells...so yummy xoxo

*available at Walmart and Walmart.com

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