Interesting facts about armored vehicles

Leonardo da Vinci is a person who designed the first armored car in 1485. This car had a turtle shape and was covered with cannons mounted from the outside to make it more protective. Inside the car, there were eight handles to move the vehicle.  It is fact that it was an armored vehicle; but there were so many flaws and that’s why it didn’t get so much popularity. Some people say that he deliberately kept the lacking in a car. If he made a proper plan, it could be better. In this article, you will read some amazing facts about armored vehicles.

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The first armored vehicle was a mobile bank:

The interesting thing about armored vehicles is the first car was a mobile bank, which is invented in 1910 for the protection of mobile banks. This car was designed by David Havelock, which helped to protect from fire and bullets. The chromium steel was used to cover the body of the vehicle. This car is used to protect drivers, cashiers, and even deposits.

Modified school buses were armored trucks:

In 1920, some places in the USA were so much dangerous and violent. At that time high profile personalities used to travel in armored vehicles to protect themselves from threats. That’s why Brinks armored company decided to buy old school buses and cover them with steel panels and metal bars to protect vehicles. These buses were equipped with guns and guards that helped to discourage robbers and gangs.

Armored vehicles can be used even when tires deflate:

One of the best things about armored vehicles is the tires of these vehicles can be driven in any situation safely. If tires get flat, these vehicles can make you reach your destination. These characteristics make armored cars more reliable for politicians, celebrities, government officials, and other people.

An armored vehicle can carry at least 26 tons:

Another surprising feature of armored vehicles is they can carry at least 27 tons which is an amazing thing. Although armored cars are much expensive, they ensure the complete safety of your life on the road.

Armored vehicles have CCTV camera:

Mercedes armored cars provide 100% safety from outside attacks and bullets. These vehicles also have CCTV camera inside the car that helps to record and monitor the inside activities. Moreover, these vehicles also provide you additional protection perks like blockades, sirens, and flashing lights.