Different types of lifts

Most of the people are quite confused regarding the term of lift. By this they only think of a traditional passenger lift which they usually saw in different public places. But this term is not limited to such extent only. In fact it is a very broad term in which different types are included. For example service lifts, dumbwaiter, passenger lifts, platform lift, stair lift and much more. In this article we will be discussing some of these important types so that you may clear up your concepts regarding this aspect.

Passenger lifts

As the name indicates, passenger lifts are used to carry passengers from one floor to another in less time and consuming less effort. You may see these lifts very commonly in different public places like hotels, restaurants, apartment and even in hospitals. This invention brought a lot of convenience in people’s life as no longer they have to climb huge amount of stairs. It has now become a necessity of every place and it is installed almost everywhere. If you are willing to install a passenger lift in your building then you can go with Canny elevator as they provide the best quality and installing services to their customers.


The next important type which falls in the category of lift is dumbwaiters. You should not confuse yourself between passenger lifts and dumbwaiters as the difference is quite clear. Dumbwaiters are not intended to carry passengers, a person would not even fit in it because of its limited space capacity. They are just like a bigger version of cardboard box which is designed to transfer small goods form one floor to another. If you want to install one of them in your home then all you have to do is to contact a reliable dumbwaiter supplier in Dubai who will facilitate you in the best possible way.

Service lifts

They are usually bigger in size and are intended to carry large amount of goods and heavier products. They are not designed to carry passengers and are installed separately from the passenger lifts. You will see this type of lift in different places like shopping malls or industries where a huge amount of products have to be transported from one floor to another. You should coordinate with a reputable service lift company who are capable enough to install the best quality. This is quite important because you can not take any type of risk in this aspect.