Dec 11 Dr. Scholl’s Has Great Stocking Stuffers

This Holiday Season why not get the one you love a little comfort...for their feet that is!  Dr. Scholl's has a variety of insoles and other accessories for your feet.  I can't live without my Dr. Scholl's insert! They make walking a PLEASURE!

Check these out:

For your best girl friend, mom or sister, Dr. Scholl’s new For Her© Cozy Cushions

best warm boot insoles


  • Keep feet warm, cozy and dry

  • Add improved comfort to boots or casual shoes.

  • Multi-layer design helps insulate the foot against cold and dampness while two plush, cozy layers provide all-day comfort

  • Offers superior support on hard surfaces and creates an extra soft lining on the inside of the shoe


For the exercise enthusiast, Dr. Scholl’s Active Series© Replacement Insoles

best active insoles


  • Designed to support your foot while in motion,

  • Designed with Triple Zone Protection for the ball of your foot, arch and heel

  • Helps relieve and prevent pain from shin splints, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis.

  • Reduced shock by 40%

  • SweatMAX™ technology to help eliminate odors

For the man in your life-Dad, brother, husband or boyfriend - Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel© FIT Inserts

best shoe insoles


  • Offers energizing support and cushioning.

  • Doubles the comfort of shoes and provides all-day comfort

  • Absorbs shock and helps reduce muscle fatigue in feet and leg.

  • Has a ¾ length for a comfortable fit

  • Flexible arch for added support

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