Nov 9 Power of the Dead Sea: Bloom Mineral

Summer weather going right into Fall/Winter can cause your skin to crack, dry, and even split.  Not a pretty picture if left unattended.  But why go down that path...

Start with a good body scrub that easily sloughs off dead skin.  Bloom Mineral Hydrating Almond Scrub has micro-ground almond shells that are combined with their rare blend of Dead Sea minerals.  The natural, super-fine particles exfoliate, the minerals extract impurities and provide balance, and their proprietary moisturizers are absorbed to leave skin supple and hydrated. I especially love this for making my elbows, feet and knees smooth.  Make sure to follow with a good hydrating cream.  I like to use Bloom Mineral Shielding Foot Cream.  *Hint: Exfolliate feet at night then apply the foot cream and some warm socks and jump into bed.  You are guaranteed to wake up with softer feet!

This Shielding Foot Cream combines dead sea mineral salts with calendula and Aloe Vera extract, Bloom Mineral's rich yet lightweight formula helps your feet feel silky smooth and refreshed.  Aloe Vera Leaf Extract soothes skin.  Calendula Extract contains carotenoids (Vitamin A), and flavonoids to soothe dry, irritated skin.

I suggest doing this a few times a week.  Your entire body will thank you!



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