Sep 17 Upstep Orthotics At Home Service Is Amazing!

If you are like most of us who need orthotics, you will find that 9 out of 10 times your medical insurance will deny coverage.  My podiatrist and I tried 4 times to request a pair for my “very flat feet,” and 4 times I was denied!  They would rather […]

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Aug 6 Secure Leather Wallet With RFID

I am just loving my Accordion Wallet from!  Mine is purple, of course:)  It is perfect for when I down size my purse and/or go to concerts where I prefer not to carry bulky items.  Less is more they say!  It is made very well and looks expensive.  Definitely […]

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Nov 28 Best Sled For Winter Season!

This winter why not have some fun and head to the snow!  I brought my new snow boogie board to Portland, Oregon last week and decided to be a kid again!  I hit the snowy mountains with my daughter zipped down the hills with this super lighweight and easy to […]

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Apr 29 Gogyre U5 Portable Charger

At long last I have finally found a portable charger that actually charges my iphone and ipad quickly and efficiently when I am out and about.  I no longer need to rush home to recharge.  This Gogyre U5 5300mah portable charger has made traveling less stressful in regards to having […]

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Oct 28 SkinnyTox Organic Detox Tea

Each of us has the ability to create beauty from a variety of sources within our reach.  Beauty is not just about waking up in the morning, splashing our faces with cold water, applying skincare and then carefully applying our makeup to face the world.  It is so much more […]

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Sep 16 intelliGLASS Screen Protector Works!

Just received my intelliGLASS screen protector from intelliARMOR for my ipad mini.  It arrived within days of placing my order.  However, I have to be honest, I was dreading the process.  I just knew that I was going to do it wrong.  It would end up misaligned or even worse…having […]

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Aug 26 Instant Facelift Products That Work!

Did you know that you can contour your face with skincare?! The best way to pull this off without caking on the Kardashian makeup is to try it with skincare products (because you can totally contour for YOUR face shape!) and here’s how, using tips from Umbreen Sheikh of Wink […]

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Jul 23 Whish Soda Fountain Collection!

    Whish is excited to announce the launch of its exclusive Soda Fountain Collection to celebrate the 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. With flavors like Black Cherry, Ginger Melon, Key Lime and Orange Cream, these delicious products will leave you wishing you were sipping on a glass of good ‘ol […]

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Jul 21 Look Stunning With These Home Beauty Tips

On our little section of the internet, we take beauty seriously, and we are sure you do too. But, you might be tired of buying all those expensive beauty products. So, we’ve got the answer. On this post, you will find plenty of little tips on how you can look […]

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A new and unique product, Retinol Anti-Aging Facial Oil, promises the proven benefits of Retinol combined with the hydrating properties of replenishing oil.  Applied before treatment products, this facial oil absorbs quickly to nourish and prepare skin for the next steps in your regimen. The facial oil acts as an […]

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