Tax Consultant Job Description

Tax consultants are professionals in tax law who help individuals and businesses with their tax planning and compliance needs. To provide the best advices to their clients, tax consultants need to be regularly updated on new tax laws and regulations; they also need to position taxpayers for short-term and long-term tax optimizations. Tax consultants also help clients with their tax preparation needs. While preparing clients’ tax returns, tax consultants usually also work on ensuring clients’ tax liabilities are minimized all throughout the year. These consultants are busiest during the tax season.


Tax consultants communicate with clients and business professionals every time so they need to possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. They have to be good communicators so that it’ll be easier for them to explain tax topics to clients. They must also use terms that can be easily understood by clients.


Tax consultants are usually working for public accounting firms and law firms, while others choose to be self-employed. In both settings, clients are expecting their tax consultants to (1) conduct extensive researches on tax laws on a regular basis, (2) strategize together with clients to help them in minimizing their tax liabilities, (3) communicate with clients and explain to them their current tax status and other related tax issues, (4) prepare tax returns, (5) help in estate planning, and (6) keep clients compliant with all of their tax obligations. Make sure that your tax consultant can do all those things.


It is vital for tax consultants to produce written documents about their clients’ taxes. Tax consultants should be constantly communicating their research findings to their clients—this may include some changes in tax laws that may help in creating opportunities for new tax strategies. Tax consultants usually have numerous clients and there may be instances when many clients are affected by the same issue. In this case, the tax consultant’s ability to draft a well-written and concise letter is an effective and practical means of disseminating information to a number of different clients.


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