Advantages of Locating Your Company in Dubai’s Freezone Areas

People keep talking about freezone but in actual they are not aware about freezone in Dubai. Freezone is totally different from the mainland business. The advantages of locating your company in the freezone area is beyond your imagination and people are not completely aware about it. Need not to worry! Here you will find the answer of every question, roaming around your brain, related to freezone areas

All you need to know about Free Zone!

Basically freezone are is different from the mainland area because of the isolated land, different tax policies and different custom policies. A company operating in free zone area receives plenty of benefits. In free zone areas, completely 100% foreign ownership is permitted; they don’t need to pay several corporate taxes while companies running their businesses in mainland area pay corporate taxes.

Leverage on duties!

One of the best advantages of free zone area is that you get the leverage on import &export duties, businesses operating in free zone areas don’t need to pay duty on the import &export. On the contrary businesses operating in mainland area need to pay the duties.

No currency restrictions!

People usually get fed up of the currency restriction. Well, if you are planning to locate your company in Dubai’s free zone area, you don’t need to worry about it for a second as there is no currency restriction in the free zone area. This trouble is only limited to the mainland area.

Pre-built warehouses

It’s idea to run business operations in free zone area. You get the pre-built factor and you reap the perk of inexpensive energy Moreover, people worry about the living cost. In free zone area you don’t need to bear the expensive living cost as the living cost is so pocket-friendly there.

Are all freezone areas offering the same facilities?

Every Freezone in Dubai has different preferences. They have different rules, facilities and different regulations. For instance Dubai health care city is the centre of businesses related to health while Dubai Airport freezone carries out manufacturing, processing, logistics, import & export etc.

Factors to consider before locating to the freezone area

If you wish to locate your company to the free zone area, you need to take several factors in count likewise the location of that particular free zone which you are thinking of, the facilities which that freezone is offering you, you need to see if there are any hidden charges, several other factors like that.

The ideal thing is to do proper research about the freezone you are choosing and contact the businesses operating in that free zone area. It will help you a lot when you will be on the edge of selecting the best freezone area in Dubai.