Nov 13 Best Tips For How To Brighten Eyes Instantly

Wow check out this celebrity look!

Working with beth on a daily basis has been such a dream come true. In the short time I have been with her, I have learned so many things about beauty, and how to apply makeup to enhance your own features and look your best. Like concealer, who knew there were so many ways in which to apply it, use it, and really make it work double-duty!

"The skin is such an important part when creating a look, or doing your makeup, and if it looks off then everything else will too", says beth.  Take for instance Freida Pinto seen here at the BAFTA LA Britannia Awards in Los Angeles.

Best Eye Brightening Concealers

"With Freida you have to be extra careful with her under eye area. One of the biggest mistakes women do is to over apply concealer to cover up the darker tones. This is usually inherent in Indian complexions, but fair complexions, as well as women with yellow undertones can have the same problem."

To avoid this beauty mess, beth's favorite beauty tip for removing all signs of darkness or discoloration underneath the eyes, is to apply a color corrector first, and then add your concealer. For Freida a peach tone is perfect and will even out any darker tones, as well as brightening and giving the complexion a beautiful glow.  If your skin suffers from dark circles, or dark spots, use a Yellow tone to even out any dark spots or uneveness.


For redness from acne, or Rosacea, use a shade in Mint. This will also work for anyone who has had a laser treatment or chemical peel to cover the redness. To find the perfect shade just for you check out Studio Direct Cosmetics, they have a huge selection of corrective concealers, and they are very affordable too. Once you've taken care of this, then apply your concealer. beth bender beauty's newest under eye concealer It's in the eyes, will not only firm the skin under the eyes, but also minimize the appearance of wrinkles, while leaving the skin looking dewy, and radiant.
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