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Get The Right Skin Care For You

Tired of buying the wrong products for your skin or just not knowing what products are out there???  Then ladies let me introduce you to a unique site that will guide you into the right direction for your specific needs using a very scientific and unbiased route...

It's called mySkin and this site is backed by real people.  Recommendations are from the world's largest database of over 150,000 skincare products, powered by patent pending technology developed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic pharmacologists, called Just Like Me (JLM).  mySkin is a woman's dream come true because it finds products that work best for your skin type not what the pushy lady at the make-up counter recommends or what you might read in the latest beauty magazine.

You only get one face and it's so important to nurture it.  This requires constant care and applying only the best products that suit your skin needs.  And through our personal connection with mySkin you can get a chance to view this amazing site now.  All you have to do is click on the link below and enter our code word into the "invite code box."

Once you enter the virtual world of mySkin the professionals will scientifically examine your skin profile.  This will include which products have worked for you & their key ingredients along with your skincare preferences.  Then they will compare your results to the experiences of real people with skin just like yours and then you will get an honest, unbiased recommendation on what would work best for your skin.  All I can say is WOW...I've been there and it's totally amazing:)

Click here to get your skin on the right track:      mySkin

The click on:  join now

Enter code word:  BeautyStyleWatch into invite code box!

Have fun girls & boys...

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R said on Jul 19, 2009

very cool. thanks for sharing, i checked out myskin.com and loved it – i thought i knew all about products and they already told me three new products that would work for me, that i didnt know about!

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